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Welcome to GoFindMe GPS Trackers

We are service oriented. Please email us at sales@gofindme.ca for any questions you may have.

GoFindMe has a complete line of GPS tracking devices.  Our popular watch trackers are sold in Canada and supported in Canada.  

Our tracking devices receive GPS signals from Satellites orbiting the earth.  You are able to access the information from your tracking device though your smart phone App.  To make this possible, data has to be sent from your GPS tracking device to our servers.  Our servers then updates your App on your smart phone.

In order for the tracking device to communicate with the server, it needs a cellular SIM card (provided).   Rogers Cellular Network charges GoFindMe for access to their cellular network.  

We therefore charge our customers a monthly data service of $15/month (50 mb limit).   Some of our GPS trackers have voice capabilities, which will incur additional costs to the customer.  Voice service is charged at $0.35/min.  We suggest that you use the voice option as an emergency service.